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Public transportation services in the city are provided by the Municipal SIA “Ventspils reiss”.

Altogether there are 15 lines. In the spring, summer and autumn seasons additional lines to
Gardening cooperatives „Kurzeme” and „Akmeņdziras” are operated.


33 small capacity buses


4 city ​​big buses





City bus timetable – www.ventspilsreiss.lv/lv/kustibas-saraksti-/aktualizetie-saraksti


Ticket prices in Ventspils City bus routes – www.ventspilsreiss.lv/lv/kustibas-saraksti-/bilesu-cenas


The Municipal SIA “Ventspils reiss” ensures intercity service to the following destinations: Riga, Liepāja, Jelgava, Dundaga and Kuldīga.


The Municipal SIA “Ventspils reiss” carries out the largest share of intercity trips to and from Ventspils.


More than 20 bus drivers take care of safe and timely arrival of passengers to their destinations.


More information available at: www.ventspilsreiss.lv




In Ventspils, cycle paths span the entire city and are more than 60.67 kilometres in length, connecting almost all of the beautiful places of the city. It is safe to say that Ventspils is a cycling-friendly and accessible city!


Construction of bicycle paths leads to a developed local infrastructure and safe movement of cyclists as well as improves access to tourist attractions, thus contributing to the development of bicycle tourism and adding value for city’s tourism offer and the environment in general.


The availability of bicycle paths allows Ventspils to successfully integrate into the EuroVelo network as well as promotes internal population mobility.


The construction of bicycle paths started back in 2010 when 10.17 km of bicycle paths were built in the framework of a bicycle tourism development project, connecting the International Ferry Terminal with the most popular tourist attractions across the city: Old Town, Promenade of Ostas Street, Southern Breakwater, Seaside Park, and Adventure Park. The bicycle path network has been expanded gradually, with the street reconstruction project providing for construction of additional bicycle paths to link them up with the existing ones.


Choose the most suitable bicycle path:


  1. Old Town – New City (4,49 km)
  2. From the Red Deer to the Sailor (9,3 km)
  3. Along the banks of the River Venta (9 km)
  4. Get to know the Right Bank of the River Venta (4 km)
  5. Around Būšnieki Lake (14 km)



Map of bicycle paths is available here!




Taxi transportation provided by total of 9 service providers is available in Ventspils.


More detailed information on the taxi service providers licences by the Ventspils City Council and their tariffs are available here.





Ferry operator “Stena Line” offers ferry voyages in the line VENTSPILSNYNÄSHAMN (Sweden).


It only takes 8.5 hours to reach Sweden by ferry.


Two ferries Stena Flavia and Scottish Viking service this line.


For the convenience of the passengers a modern passenger terminal is available.


Information on ticket prices and ferry timetable is available on the homepage of Stena Line: www.stenaline.lv


Stena Line contact information: https://www.stenaline.lv/kontakti



The Airport „Ventspils” was built in 1975.


The operation of the airport was discontinued in 1983 due to political considerations of the government. Restoration of the airport was started in 1997.


A great volume of work has been performed since 2005 to ensure that the Ventspils Airport would take a stable place in the regional air transport market of Latvia.


Modern and functional passenger terminal, air traffic management information, meteorological support and availability of the aviation fuel form the basis for safe Ventspils Airport that is attractive for flights.


The Ventspils Airport is ready for servicing regular air traffic.


Additional information available at: www.airport.ventspils.lv