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Accenture Latvia


Accenture Latvia is a leading provider of technology and technology consulting services using top talent that we recruit from our region. Accenture worldwide is one of the most recognized IT companies that employ approximately 500 000 people.

Starting your career at Accenture Latvia has never been easier. We are the third-largest employer in Latvia and are constantly looking for a wide range of IT roles to grow and expand our field of expertise.


If you already have experience in any of the technologies we work with, you are welcome to submit a CV anytime or browse our open roles here:



If you already have some IT knowledge, but feel like a little refreshment might be in place, you are welcome to apply to our Bootcamp here:



We also offer basic IT skills training for women. You can read more about it here:



Once you begin your career with us, you will enjoy many opportunities to advance and be a part of the international family that is Accenture. We work with some of the world’s biggest and most forward-thinking companies and will be happy to have you in the team as well! We are also strong advocates for equality and encourage our people to innovate and be pro-active by cultivating a work environment that is diverse and inclusive.


By joining us, you'll get:


  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Welcoming and friendly environment that is human-centred
  • Unlimited opportunity to develop your skills and expertise
  • Be a part of multinational and international teams
  • Work that is challenging, interesting, and meaningful
  • Customers from all over the world
  • Solid benefits package – health insurance, clear guidelines on the career growth, paid overtime, strong compensation package
  • Continuous investments in employee’s future – career counselling, a wide range of training, and industry-recognized certificates


Konkursa beigu datums: 31-05-2021

2700.00 - 4400.00 €

alga mēnesī (bruto)




Look around - is your life comfortable? Take a chance with your life, shake it up, make a change that matters and helps you grab onto a new journey, and let’s change things globally, together!


In your duties will be to


  • Assure project delivery within scope, time, budget, quality and other objectives
  • Plan and govern all project lifecycle and supporting activities
  • Assure project delivery in accordance to an organization, quality and best practice expectations
  • Measure and report project performance to stakeholders
  • Manage stakeholder expectations and implement required changes
  • Manage project resources and their performance


Skills required


  • Full understanding of software development lifecycle best practices
  • Practical people management experience in teams consisting of at least 5-10 people
  • Practical project management experience in at least 2 projects in the IT field for 3+ years
  • At least 5 years of hands-on experience in software development roles like programming, automation testing, DevOps, or other similar technical roles
  • Solid understanding of project management processes and best practices
  • Strong communication, presentation, and reporting skills
  • Strong leadership and decision-making skills, ability to take responsibility


Be a part of our big Accenture team! We provide a solid benefits package – sports, medical care, relevant certifications, bi-yearly bonus according to performance, and much more. In Accenture, we have interesting, dynamic, and challenging work with the latest technologies in a highly qualified team. An environment that encourages employees to learn, develop, and achieve a wide range of skills. Not only work but rather a career in our fast-growing company. Great colleagues and a supportive community. 

PLEASE APPLY VIA CV.LV HERE: https://www.cv.lv/job-ad/accenture-latvijas-filiale/it-project-manager-f4261625.html



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