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Ventspils Creative Centre



Address: Maiznieku iela 11, Ventspils, LV-3601
Phone: +371 63622805
E-mail: jaunrades.nams@ventspils.lv
Homepage: www.jaunradesnams.lv



Creative Centre – a place, where every child and young person from 3 to 25 years of age can improve their talents by participating in singing, dancing, acting and various music instrument, drawing or sports classes.



The Creative Centre organises and participates in various events on regular basis – concerts, contests, competitions and festivals.



There is the only digital planetarium of Latvia in the Creative Centre.



In the attic of the Creative Centre there is an observatory equipped with a high-quality telescope.



Ventspils Art School



Address: Zvana iela 6, Ventspils, LV-3601
Phone/fax: +371 63622423 (+371 27882275)
E-mail: makslas.skola@ventspils.lv
Homepage: www.ventspilsmakslasskola.lv



Ventspils Art School – a place, where children can gain professional education acquiring visual art studies and skills, and improving their creativity and personality.



Ventspils Art School implements two professional education programmes, as well as an interest education programme in pre-training classes. Studies in the Art School take place after school classes.



  1. Professional education programme “Visual-Plastic Art” admits students from 8 years of age;
  2. Professional education programme “Visual-Plastic Art” admits students from 15 years of age (study course);
  3. Pre-training classes admit students from 5 years of age.


Sports School “Spars”



Address: Sporta iela 7/9, Ventspils, LV-3600
Phone/fax: +371 63622732
E-mail: spars@ventspils.lv
Homepage: www.spars.ventspils.lv



Ventspils Sports School „Spars” is one of the largest sports schools in Latvia with more than 1200 students every year aged from 5 to 25 years.



Sports School “Spars” offers training in 10 different sports: basketball, BMX, judo, shooting, swimming, kayaking and canoe rowing, sports gymnastics, weight lifting, short track speed skating and track and field athletics.



The training is free of charge.

The training takes place according to an approved training schedule.



Application procedure:

  1. Application from the child’s legal representative requesting to admit to the Ventspils Sports School “Spars” (application form is available at 7/9 Sporta iela);
  2. General practitioner’s reference regarding the child’s health condition (Doctor’s reference pursuant to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.594 “Health Care and Procedure of Medical Surveillance for the Athletes and Children with Increased Physical Activity”).


Ventspils Youth House



Address: Kuldīgas iela 13, Ventspils, LV-3601
Phone: +371 20238456
E-mail: jauniesumaja@ventspils.lv
Homepage: www.jauniesi.ventspils.lv
Social networks: www.facebook.com/VentspilsJauniesuMaja



Youth House – a place, where educational, informative and entertaining events of various themes are held for young people aged from 13 to 30 years.



Young people here can receive consultations and resources for development and implementation of their initiatives.



The Youth House also serves as an information point, where young people can receive consultations on topical issues – education and career opportunities, free time activities, as well as find out, which organisations or specialists can help in various situations.



There is a tea room, as well as various board games for spending of leisure time.